Tired of Stumps Ruining the Look of Your Yard?

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Stumps may be trendy as coffee or side tables. However, they're not so chic in their natural habitat. Tree stumps don't just make your lawn look tacky-they also pose a tripping hazard. Reclaim your landscape with stump grinding. Virginia Tree Solutions, LLC quickly and efficiently grinds unwanted stumps to ground level. We'll even eliminate excess mulch to further neaten your lawn.

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stump grinding woodford fredericksburg va

Eliminate unwanted stumps at the root

As effective as stump grinding is, some homeowners prefer stump removal. This creates more space and allows for endless gardening opportunities. If you choose this method, you can count on us to fill the remaining hole so you don't have to. We'll also complete your service without ruining the look of your lawn.

If you're in Woodford, VA and need stump removal, call now to schedule your appointment.